Business Principles


Excellence in investing

Our goal is to be the best in the business when it comes to investing. To us, this means generating attractive returns without taking on a corresponding amount of risk, an imbalance that can only be achieved in “inefficient” markets. Although we seek exceptional returns, consistency, capital protection, and superior performance in difficult circumstances are our top priorities.


Proprietary, in-depth research

To add value to our markets, we need a “knowledge advantage,” which can only be obtained by exclusive, in-depth research. Each market has its team of highly skilled professionals, and we’ve developed a research technique that is routinely used. Our study focuses on identifying the characteristics that are essential for success and then identifying investment opportunities that meet those requirements.


Commonality of interests

We pay close attention to potential conflicts of interest to achieve commonality of interests with our clients, avoiding them if possible and dealing honestly with them if not. We prioritize our clients’ needs over our own and handle all clients fairly. It is a core operating concept of ours that if all of our practices were made public, no one would have a reason to complain.


Personnel practices

Our personnel procedures must contribute to our clients’ attainment of their goals. Personnel turnover, office politics, and unhealthy competitiveness must all be avoided to maintain a peaceful workplace and a spirit of cooperation. Our employees will always benefit from the rewards of our labour fairly and equitably. Employee equity ownership and firm-wide profit participation are critical in this regard.

“It gives us great pleasure to be able to provide excellent investment performance for our clients while maintaining a high ethical standard.”


Communication with clients

Client communication must address their demands while also strengthening our relationships with them. Every client should fully comprehend our concept, strategy, actions, and outcomes. If anything we do ever surprises a client, we have failed in this department. When we discuss our performance, we are honest about our accomplishments, not making excuses for losses or taking credit for lucky wins.


Management fee arrangements

Our management fee arrangements should adequately reward us for the services we provide while also promoting a positive business relationship. Fee structures should incentivize us to act only in the best interests of our clients; they should be fair, competitive, and transparent. For the same service, all accounts of equivalent size must pay comparable fees.


New Products

When it comes to adding new products to Willow Stream’s portfolio of investing methods, we prioritize avoiding mistakes over seizing every opportunity. In each situation, we base our choice to develop a new product on:

  • discovery of an inefficient market with the potential for attractive returns,
  • the belief that the market can be exploited in a low-risk manner, and
  • access to an investment team capable of delivering the results we desire

We prefer that new Willow Stream products represent “step-outs” into highly related industries, performed with people with whom we have substantial first-hand expertise, due to the high premium placed on ensuring that these prerequisites are met.



All of the aforementioned must contribute to our company’s profitability. Willow Stream is managed for the benefit of its clients and stakeholders, as well as its owners and workers. Profit for the sake of profit, size for the sake of size, and prosperity through cost-cutting are all opposed. If we succeed at investing, our incomes should increase… but only then.