Diversity & Inclusion

In 2017, Willow Stream formalized what had been an informal Diversity & Inclusion policy for many years, concentrating on female and underrepresented groups within our investment teams and officer-level roles, through enhanced and better recruitment, talent development, education, and awareness. To attain this goal, we’re using a four-pillar strategy:


Female and varied talent were the focus of innovative and proactive outreach and recruitment activities.

Retention & Development

Programs and benefits focused on retaining and strengthening Willow Stream’s diverse and female workforce.

Education & Awareness

Training and other initiatives centered on inclusive leadership and raising awareness of prejudices that may prevent us from fully reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce are needed.


Executive leadership’s clear communication of Diversity & Inclusion requirements to department heads and hiring managers, as well as resource allocation to achieve enhanced transparency, accountability, and results in support of our D&I goals.

Our four-pillar plan has yielded good results. We are making progress toward our objectives while also promoting racial and social fairness in our communities.

“Willow Stream is a location where everyone is welcome. We firmly think that a diverse range of backgrounds – including color, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation – adds to a greater diversity of thought and a better knowledge of the world in which we live and invest. As employees, coworkers, bosses, and decent people, it is our responsibility to foster an environment of understanding and empathy that supports and embraces diversity.”