Willow Stream Capital Strategy Private Equity


Our private equity strategies include a wide range of markets and geographies, and they blend classic private equity and distressed-for-control activity. We invest in companies that we believe are undervalued, using a flexible and opportunistic approach. We aim to increase shareholder value by implementing important strategic and tactical initiatives such as right-sizing capital structures, optimizing operations, strengthening core companies, and developing new growth platforms. To get superior access to transaction flow, our teams draw on strong industry knowledge and broad proprietary networks, and they represent Willow Stream’s focus on risk management and downside protection.

Private Equity

Our corporate private equity strategies are focused on acquiring ownership of undervalued businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors. Our corporate private equity strategies may also explore platform investments in industries that are out of favour or undergoing fundamental changes in some situations.

Willow Stream Capital Strategy Cororate Equity
Willow Stream Capital Strategy Special Situations


Our exceptional situations strategy takes a flexible approach to find control-oriented finance and equity investments in middle-market companies that are undergoing hardship or some other type of temporary business disruption. The strategy combines credit and private equity investing experience, intending to generate good risk-adjusted returns by focusing on investments with strong upside potential, buying assets on the cheap, and enhancing operations and capital structure.


Willow Stream’s worldwide footprint, multidisciplinary capabilities, an extensive network of industry specialists, and critical partnerships with operating partners are all leveraged in our real assets platform. We follow Willow Stream’s investment philosophy, emphasizing the purchase of assets – or liens on assets – where we believe the risk-reward relationship is asymmetrical and where we believe relationships and a knowledge advantage can significantly improve our ability to source, purchase, manage, and exit investments.

Willow Stream Capital Strategy Real Assets
Willow Stream Capital Strategy Real estate


Real estate includes core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic real estate, and our real estate strategies target a comprehensive range of assets across nearly all areas of real estate. In the United States, Europe, and Asia, we seek equity and loan investments in a variety of property types. One of Willow Stream’s largest investment teams, our global investment team uses joint-venture alliances with over 65 high-quality real estate operators to produce long-term outperformance throughout investment cycles.


Our infrastructure strategies aim to invest largely in North American real assets and infrastructure-related enterprises in the energy and transportation sectors, where we can earn a significant return on investment. Our team finds infrastructure investments in which we may pursue value-creation strategies aimed toward long-term growth by focusing on assets and businesses with both downside protection and significant upside potential.

Willow Stream Capital Strategy Infrastructure
Willow Stream Capital Strategy Listed Equities


Our listed equity strategies look for inexpensive businesses in certain regions to invest in. We hunt for equities trading at a discount to their real worth by combining fundamental analysis with in-depth country and industry knowledge. Our better understanding, we believe, helps us to discover appealing investment possibilities while limiting downside risk.

Markets Equities

Inefficiencies in emerging markets, we argue, lead to companies that are frequently under-analyzed and securities that are frequently mispriced. We seek to earn attractive returns in equity positions by leveraging our team’s global presence, using a bottom-up, value-driven approach, and applying our in-depth country and industry knowledge while also taking macroeconomic and market conditions into account in our emerging markets equity strategies.

Willow Stream Capital Strategy emerging markets
Willow Stream Capital Strategy Other Markets


Our value and other stocks strategies look for companies with considerable asset values and solid business franchises that are trading at significant discounts. We use a bottom-up, value-oriented investment approach in these strategies, collaborating with other Willow Stream teams for additional industry and analytical insights and investing in equities and equity-related securities in various geographies.